Letter to Insomnia

Dear Insomnia,

Its a long time since we have been together with your old friend ‘anxiety’. As you know how much I crave for my long lost friend ‘the instant sleep’. Those were the days when I would just close my eyes and my mind was off to slumber land. But now all I am left with is, a restless head, some not-so-calm thoughts and two eyes which don’t agree to sleep.

Please understand that I don’t hate you, but I hate the cranky feeling which lingers on with me after these sleepless nights throughout the day.

Requesting to stay away from me for sometime.

The one who stays with you but don’t want to,

-Restless Being trying to sleep

Image Source : Pixabay


Image source : Pixabay

This poem is an entry for the Thursday Poetry Competition by H.R Phoenix. Hope you all will like it.

As I was pushed back on the floor, I saw those spotless white gates of Heaven being shut at my face.

I looked into those big green eyes, they saw me with the calm of the ocean. “What wrong did you do?”, the Angel asked.

“I lived in a society, the hypocrite one, which lingers on with your soul after death. I saw the black smoke of hatred everywhere, when I lived.”

I felt like million rays of Sun touched my skin, with the yellow warm light, as the Angel embraced me. “Fight some more, My dear, your journey is not over yet.”

These golden words echoed in my ears as the blue skies kissed my cheeks. I flew down from heavens back to ‘the society’, to fight back till my last breath.